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Hello and welcome to the Birmingham DA,


As of 2 nd April 2022 this DA is being run under a Caretaker Group.

Due to not having enough DA members attending the AGM, we were
disbanded as a committee.

As you will see we have put together a notice to inform all Club members of
the forthcoming EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting) which will be run by
Central Counties Region.

If a committee is not formed at then unfortunately Birmingham DA will fold
and longer exist, after 115 years of running.

We not only need Birmingham DA members to attend the EGM but we need
people to come forward to run the committee.

Please look in ‘Contacts’ for posts available.

In the meantime, the ‘Caretaker Group’ and stewards are continuing to run
weekend meets and also going ahead with THS’s as best we can until the EGM
on Saturday 3rd September 2022.


Your Chairperson


Sue Williams