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Hello and welcome to the Birmingham DA,


We managed to get through our EGM on 3rd September with 18 Birmingham DA members present.  However only existing committee members were re-elected, reluctantly, not wishing to see the DA fold.

An important message to our members is that we need you to come and support our six final meets of the 2022 season so that we can try to encourage new blood into this very small committee.


There are many roles to take up and we are willing to create new roles that will enhance our DA with new ideas through differently skilled people that we know are out there. 


The saying ‘A job shared is a job halved’ is just what we are looking for.


I understand that a lot of our members hold full time jobs but a lot have a little spare time and could help.


You get out what you put in to anything so let’s pull together and make this DA great again!


Sue Williams - Chair

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